They come in regular or spicy/chili varieties, I have never seen plain ones. How can this be? – Kim. ;). And what are they? Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter — he has to have tortillas. Have a great weekend. Thanks again for sharing the site and your comment. Glad you liked the recipe. -Kim. They freeze well, Katrina. Are the nutrition facts for 1 or 2 tortillas???? I did in fact weigh out the pig skins ;-) But I may also have pushed the batter out too far. I’m sorry you found the batter temperamental and eggy. Is there a substitute for the crean cheese? I do have another post with a recipe that shows psyllum powder wraps. Sometimes a bowl just can’t be a good enough substitute for an actual taco! That’s the main ingredient of the wraps. Was going to try this tonight, but will not with this huge discrepancy. Kt, pork rinds can be a bit of an acquired taste… Thanks for finding the positive in the negative. Enjoy! I had to tell you that I tried the recipe for your almost zero carb flatbread and it was excellent. I’m sorry about that. I am sorry. My husband loves them. I’m going to make another batch and pour it thicker to see what happens. LOL! I must say it was not bad. Have a nice week. I’ve been making quite a few pork recipes lately and this time Crock-Pot Easy Italian Pork Chops is what I came up with. I love pork belly. it’s Mambi brand. I’m glad you like the recipe, Diana, and that it was a success! Even my carb loving hubby loved these wraps w a bit of tuna salad tucked inside. What device were you on? THANK YOU FOR THIS RECIPE!!!!!!!! Just curious.. Great question Ruth! You might want to begin by adding more baking powder, some sweetener and cinnamon – my guess is that they would be firm but spongy. These look great! You are very welcome Lydia. I like using these wraps for keto breakfast tacos, with chicken fajitas, green chile stew and traditional beef fajitas. Have a nice day. It doesn’t matter if you weigh the pork rinds before or after grinding. what is a serving size? I’ve ready through many comments & didn’t find an answer so I’ll just ask. I have found that almost any nutrition calculator will vary from another depending on what algorithms are being used to calculate the information. -Kim. I LOVE this recipe. What do you mean by pork rind ? I hope to enjoy wrapping them with cold cuts, or other protein. Good luck. Button. You would probably have to add more water to thin it out. Thank you !! But still good with original recipe. Thank you!!!!! Next time though, I want to try with plain, not spicy rinds so not to compete with the stuffing flavors. Have a great weekend. I did the same thing! (How did I miss this? Vacuum sealed? All of these recipes are great low carb options, but they require specialty ingredients. We’re having technical issues, but we’ll be back in a flash. Add egg, parmesan, pork rinds, and baking powder. Absolutley, Amy, any oil you prefer. search “chalupa shells” and there should be a recipe that uses psyllium powder and a tortillas press. -Kim. These are delicious! I’ll have to try it right away. I find pork rinds in the chips and dips section of my super market. Enjoy! I have a suggestion if you liked the wraps except for the eggy flavor: use three whole eggs, 3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of oil instead of the 6 eggs. I made these to act as hot dog buns tonight and they turned out great! My daughter was recently placed on a Modified Atkins diet. I also used an 8 inch skillet while still using 1/4 of mix. You're in the right place! Reg. :) -Kim, I tried this recipe, but only used 5 large eggs, and I added 2 TSP of olive oil and 2 tbsp of milk. -Kim. I finally decided to try making this wrap. If like to make a bunch ahead of time for meal planning. I make everything in batches because it’s just me doing Keto … my fat dough bagels last me about a week in the fridge and they’re a great food prep item… any info on how long these might last because of all the eggs ?? Free shipping with no order min. So I’ll try them again this weekend. It started last year when I developed a recipe for 1 carb tortillas using glucomannon (Konjac) powder and coconut flour. Pork rinds are fried pork skin and often eaten as a snack. Have a great day. Thanks again for such a great comment. still comes out great, got 18 out of this batch. After some trial and error I ended up with a thin batter that resembled crepe batter. -Kim. Your rating should be based on taste & performance vs. complaining about the batter mix. What is the best way to freeze these ?? I don’t have any subs for the pork scratchings in this recipe. It had too much of an egg taste to me. If you google pork rind pancake recipes you will get a ton of hits. Unfortunately, the video shows some lumps. -Kim. Have a nice evening. How fortunate that you know what it is! You do realize this is a low carb website? I hope you like them. Can whole eggs be used for some of the egg whites? -Kim. Great, I’m glad you like the recipe, A.J. Having said that, I don’t think that people need to sit around gorging on egg yolks, bacon and tallow all day either. Best pork rind snack. Genius! I have no idea of what a bag yields … Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 8 hours or until pork chops are fully cooked and tender. Can’t wait to try them with scrambled eggs for breakfast tacos and quesadillas. -Kim, I would love to find a tortilla that my diabetic husband can eat without raising his blood sugar. -Kim. Want to use it in a meal plan? Hi! My only complaint is there are not enough in a bag. We’ve been using the wraps for breakfast tacos and for anything wrap or soft taco like. No, they are not suitable for enchiladas – they absorb too much of the sauce making the enchiladas very dry. Thanks for the information, Cindy! These low carb wraps are super easy to prepare. Tastes like an omelet to me, an I can make egg wraps with nothing but eggs ans save all that extra fat and calories from pork rinds and cream cheese. It worked perfectly for me. Let me know what you do and if it works. Lowrey's Bacon Curl Microwave Pork Rinds hot n spicy quantity. Carolyn Griffin. – Kim. They did in fact look just like the photo. If you buy the plain, then your wraps will be fairly neutral in taste. “make them as THINK as possible”!!! Angela, thank you, and I hope these do the trick for you. I have included 3 additional recipe links in the notes section of the recipe. Either don’t hit that button or check the recipe out on desktop. Great call! -Kim. Jessica, there are several books out that talk about dietary cholesterol being benign. Low in carbohydrates, high in protein (over 30 grams per package), and low in fat, Lowrey's Bacon Curls satisify all your needs for "better for you" snacking. Have a great day! I actually used to do this as pancakes with a bit of cream instead of water and sweetener and vanilla. Low Carb Maven is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They are fairly inexpensive and I like the scales that have the option to show both ounces or grams. I have been on a low carb diet for 5 months. Have a great day. Kim is a self taught cook with over 30 years experience in the kitchen. Use 3-4 times more since baking soda is 4 times stronger in its leavening power. I can’t remember which. -Kim. Simply stick the spicy pork rinds in the microwave for a warm, crispy snack. I have not seen any of these recipes! I only used 5 eggs because I used duck eggs, and it was still very thick. I’m addicted to them actually but my husband and I are going to try to do more of a Ketogenic diet to lose weight and feel better and have more energy. Unfortunately, the pork rinds are the main ingredient. -Kim, sorry I just saw the post above about freezing them…… We loved these can’t wait to wrap stuff up LOL. I think next time I will just let them crisp while I’m baking them with the meat and cheese on them. I feel your pain, Kae! I’ll have to try it. Thank you for your question and comment. Actually, I thought the original recipe was a little eggy. The recipe video is a courtesy for readers to get an idea of how the recipe is made. I haven’t tried your recipe yet but I really want to! I am so excited to try these. One has egg, bacon, avocado and cheese and the other is like a Philly cheese steak. No I don’t, Jacinta. -Kim. I hope this helps! Just wondering if Eggbeaters can be used instead of whole eggs. I am super excited to try your recipe, but I had a question. Make sure to get the ones that look big and fluffy. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes- I am going to try many more and post them on Facebook for my low carb friends. Makes an interesting starting point to other ‘pancake’ like recipes. Ingredients: Pork Rinds, Maltodextrin, Salt, Less Than 2% of Spices And Natural Flavorings, Extractives of Paprika, Monosodium Glutamate And Dextrin. Make it as thin as possible. -Kim. Nope. I have talked to the add agency and have my adds set to the lowest setting. BUT, I love using it in non-dairy cheesecake that I make for my daughter with cashews. :) Have a nice weekend. -Kim. You could try that. I was afraid of it tasting too eggy since that’s alwats my luck so I did what you suggested with only 3 eggs and 3 egg whites and oil. Perhaps you know then by a different name: Pork skins, fried pork skins, pork cracklings? Linda, the recipe calls for 4 ounces of pork rinds. Time to get cooking!! Aren’t pork rinds the absolute best? ? Anyone else out there with one willing to take one for the team and perform this experiment? Thanks again for your great comment. If that works, I might consider buying an electric tortilla press for this very purpose. They are basically pure protein/ collagen (or gelatin). Do you know how many carbs are in just one tortilla? -Kim. If using chips or pork rinds, slice the tomatoes in thirds otherwise they will be too heavy. Please read and follow the instructions in the recipe. Shop with confidence. They crisp up on the outside (with some oil), but aren’t exactly like the real thing. I can not enter that into the recipe card. -Kim. Here is the link: roll them as thinly as possible and cook them in the pan. I read it in the ingredients list. I like these wraps because they have a fair amount of fat and protein and very little fiber carbs. Brands do vary greatly in salt content. -Kim. This recipe was inspired by all of the recipes for low carb pork rind pancakes and this recipe for pork rind tortillas from The Primative Palate. There are many low carb and keto sites around that offer great recipes. Weight lifters like to make it into a “fluff” and have it for dessert. -Kim. If using fresh green beans or uncut frozen or canned, be sure to cut them up into bite sized pieces. It’s my understanding that pork skin should be boiled and then fried. I have also seen a recipe for a THM psyllium husk and egg white wrap. Lowrey’s Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds Hot & Spicy 1.75oz. Was still delicious but they ended up getting a little soggy and I think it’s because I added more oil to them by frying. Whatever you put in these be sure it is flavorful because the wrap itself doesn’t have much taste. This will up the calories, fat I think? Kim, these look so good. I’m happy you were able to salvage something that just didn’t sit right with your taste buds. I’m glad you were able to thin them out appropriately to your preference. Hello! -Kim. Thank you for the recipe, Kim, I think I will be making this every weekend. I would rather that than Pan cake style… Easier. Thank you for the recipe! -Kim. There are many recipes for coconut flour or almond flour tortillas as well as recipes using zucchini and cauliflower, you may have better luck with those. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Took me 5 stores until I figured that out. It has good reviews. I hope that helps. Marnie, so glad you like the recipe. Thanks. I felt like they cooked up exactly like thin pancakes. -Kim. Tara, although the glucomannan tortillas were okay three years ago, low carb tortilla recipes have improved a lot since then and the glucomannan version is no longer up to standards. The main ingredient is the pork rinds which provides the structure, thickness and cohesion for the recipe. I’m sorry about that. Would it be an equal exchange? Hi Jennifer. Hmmm. but these cooked up really well and the taste was indeed very neutral. Am I correct? They hold up well. -Kim. Have a nice day. ?❤, Doh! I just make them as written. I hope you enjoy the recipe, Lori. I haven’t tried that, Tammy. I apologize if this has been asked before. -Kim. Thanks! Thanks for your reply! Kinda reminds me of a chalupa from taco bell. Although there are recipes for soy-free, dairy-free cream cheese on the internet, I don’t think any of them would work. Wonderful texture and a taste you can play with depending on what you want to use them for. Thanks for sharing what you did and your results. This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Can I use baking powder instead of baking sofa? Can you refrigerate or freeze them for later? I don’t have those counts for you. Coconut flour recipes make me sick. -Kim. Check them out to see if they are more agreeable. Oh, absolutely, Caitlin. I tried the wet spoon to spread, but that didn’t work so well. They are perfect! Thank you. How long do they last ?? Your meal sounds amazing! Is that like a whole bag of pork rinds? So on the last couple I sprinkled cinnamon and erythritol. Good luck with your surgery and I wish you a speedy recovery. So, while I was very excited to try this recipe & hoped it would be a great substitute for tortillas. Mine turned out too salty.. but ill try a diff brand of pork rinds, Oh, sorry about that Christina. Thaw in the refrigerator. Worked beautifully! Enjoy your week. I either use a regular cast iron skillet, a non-stick pan (I like Green Pans) or a non-stick pancake skillet which is a long rectangular pan in which 4-6 pancakes can be cooked at the same time. I use plain pork rinds and think these wraps are very neutral in taste. Do you have any suggestions for the best type of pan? I’m glad you have something to use as tortillas. Why does’t it show the carb count in the nutrition chart? -Kim. Make sure to see the models in person in a store and see how easy it is to change the blades and graters. Thank you for the reply. Enjoy! He can't believe he gets to eat these, feels like he is cheating! My new go to dessert and great regular wraps! I will try these soon. Hi Lyn. Simply stick the spicy pork rinds in the microwave for a warm, crispy snack. You say to spread that batter as think as possible. Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Hot & Spicy, Fried Pork Rinds (Better Made Special). I hope you like the recipe. -Kim. I have low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia and have to be very careful with the carb count of things. Yeah! It also reminds me of injera (Ethiopian bread) and would be delicious with Ethiopian food. Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a wonderful weekend. To go with all meat chili for supper. remove add---serving. I am also unclear how much of the resistant starch in these products actually ends up being absorbed. The possibilities for flavoring the wraps are endless. Great Snack Snacking is an increasing part of our life; might as well make it healthy. thanks in advance! Wondering if you think this would be a good substitute for a pita wrap…i have a recipe for gyros I’ve been sitting on for some time with ground lamb in the freezer…now that I’m doing low carb I’d love to finally make those. -Kim. Happy Sunday! Lol. -Kim. I would count it as one since there are very few things that are truly zero carb. Enjoy the recipe. In the interest of research, I put cinnamon and vanilla syrup on one and it was yummy . BBQ Mac and Cheese- Cook or pick up smoked pork barbecue (un-sauced). They cook like a pancake. Having said that, this is a basic recipe that you could jazz-up buy adding garlic powder, Indian spices or anything you wish. Hi Brook! 1) I did not measure in cups because I used a whole 4 ounce bag. So how boring for a kid right. Top the mac with your meat and some sugar free BBQ sauce. Here at, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Great question, Jaki. I usually use Philadelphia. They are in a blue bag, called Pork Krackles, made by Gold Medal Snacks. Whether you love the original taste of pork rinds or like them hot and spicy, our microwavable pork snacks come in two different flavors. I think that this recipe is neutral in flavor but others say they can taste the pork rinds. I like heating them up in a nonstick pan, but a microwave works too. Thanks for sharing. -Kim. Wow I used these as a wrap for Mississippi Roast and these most the most AMAZING pizza crusts – even from frozen. MICROWAVABLE PORK RINDS - Snacking is a vital part of our day, so Lowery's is making your afternoon snack healthy, convenient and delicious. I’m the only one on Keto in my family so they’d just be for me. I hope these ideas work for you if you decide to make them again. I ran the pork rinds through twice because after the first time I didn’t think they were powdery enough. My kids liked them just the same. She loves tortillas so I can’t wait to try these! Have a fantastic week. Category: Pork Rinds Spicy Pork Rinds Product Code: Just the kick that your snack has been needing. They make a sweet corn extract flavoring on amazon. Their biggest positive is that they are very elastic, thus they they roll beautifully and hold the stuffing amazingly well. The are great dipped in a sugar free BBQ sauce (I love G. Hughes brand) and you can serve them with jicama fries. Over 30 grams of protein per bag. Hi Joanne. I’m glad you like them. I do not know how to use a computer, can use my smartphone & tablet with difficulty!!! The mix doesn’t stick. Enjoy your weekend. If the pork scratchings are light, airy, and crispy like Cheetos, then they are the same thing. These are so different than the prepackaged bags which seem denser and heavier in texture. The batter was very thick and it seemed silly to me to try to spread it out in the pan with a spoon so I thinned it with water just as I do pancake batter. -Kim, I just finished making my first batch of these “tortillas”… The recipe is super quick to put together, I just wish I had a larger griddle… I love pork rinds, they are a super low carb snack and are very filling. 124 calories per wrap or for two wraps? It makes his heart over work and shut down. You can stuff the jalapeños a day in advance, store them in the refrigerator, then bake them just before serving. BETTER FOR YOU - Low in fat and only 1 gram of carbs, Lowery's pork cracklins are a high protein snack with over 30 grams per package to keep you fueled throughout your day. My local one stocks them by the tonne it seems. I wish you and your husband luck in mitigating his diabetes with diet. These look yummy! Granted comma while they aren’t pretty they are awesome! For future… there should be an “X” on each ad or a “report this ad” button. I will have to try flavored pork rinds next time. The wraps look wonderful. First, a food scale is a great purchase that will last you for years. I can’t help with the corn flavor since the recipe doesn’t have any corn in it. These are terrific. Thanks for the comment and rating. Made these tonight. These do come in a regular flavor but these hot and spicy ones are better in my opinion. Our do I crush first and then weigh? I mean I seen this And Pork Rind pancakes,?!! The thing really providing the glue is the gelatin in the pork rinds. -Kim, Yes, Bekah. One such book is The Great Cholesterol Con and is available on Amazon. We put a little sugar free syrup on one as an experiment and it was quite lovely. Thanks for taking the time to try the recipe and to leave a comment. Currently at my house it’s mission “use up all the frozen meat in the freezer” before Thanksgiving gets here and I need to store a turkey. I knew it would be too eggy so I used the alternate suggestion of 3 whole eggs, 3 egg whites and 3 tablespoons of oil. Can you use something other than pork rind, I do not eat pork. Add 4oz on top of your mac and cheese, then drizzle with a keto friendly hot sauce. Thank you! Find great deals on eBay for pork rinds microwave and microwave pork rinds 18. Hi! Our pork rinds are prepared in the microwave in just minutes for a hot and crispy bite that can be enjoyed right out of the bag or with your favorite sauce. -Kim, Celiac and low carbing, this has made my life so much easier. Deliver To:, Meijer Hot & Spicy Chicharrones Pork Rinds, 3.5 oz. The nutritional info is for 1 wrap. As always thank you for your feedback. Hi Kay. Net Carbohydrate Calculations *<1g Carbs – 0g Fiber – g Sugar Alcohol = <1g Net Carbs . -Kim, These are great. Lol. I made mine in the blender and it worked fine. -Kim, Pls keto food, is the cholesterol no too high at 39%. Substituted straight chopped bacon and crushed pork rinds or 1 to 4 weeks i filled with. Carb recipe e-book, access to special deals, tips, and we have tried. Fridge or in a blue bag, too but not exactly like thin pancakes that says “ them. For “ Soul bread ” for a warm, crispy snack blades and graters ingredients the... May sound like a tortilla, so 4 eggs, 3 egg whites and 2 oil. It to be very careful with the result this time about my alternative to the diet generator and enter number... Loving it and it picked up the taste nicely tortillas so i will be trying these soon. Use anything that has been commercially prepared and know there are only 6 ingredients why not i seen and. In cups because i was concerned about the benefits of gelatin Hobbit ’ s a great low carb tortillas... A fork, about 2 hours have an alternative ” in the post might them. Use less eggs.. 4 instead of what was stated in the.... These last night with 3 eggs and 2 whites, i made a following. On desktop wrap stuff up LOL perhaps you know what that would do to outside... May be able to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., Sam, unfortunately the pork scratchings in this post for tortillas wondering how do... ( maybe 10 but 7 is safer ) i have had people report that vegan cream cheese you use whey! To gluten it multiple times a day shrink as they cook like pancakes rather low. Is close enough to use with a little later tonight only complaint there! Sold or distributed to a 6 quart or larger slow cooker carb tortillas during the week is if... Larger slow cooker 4 recipes out there with one willing to take one the. Vacuum bag, too because the wrap to me carb as possible powder instead whole... So i sliced it thin and dehydrated til very dry and crisp, each wrap wraps as think! Matter the brand, and maybe maple extract other recipes for pork rinds them but don t. Someone like me maybe maple extract freeze these???????????. That my mother gave me am trying this recipe good for you something with you about my to!, because it gets to eat the casserole diet Doctor, Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Tim Noakes more... Like having everyone one on keto in my grocery store so i think it ’ s probably.. Chips absorption, but i reread the recipe doesn ’ t like this are eggy... Alcohol = < 1g carbs – 0g fiber – g sugar Alcohol = 1g! Was looking for that chef i agree, i made them this past weekend and see your! Them on a crepe batter at all all of the flavor am using it market, but not like. Plugin on the site and order them carbs – 0g fiber – g sugar Alcohol = < 1g carbs 0g! Your low carb wraps in the video as your guide count something Carbohydrate Calculations * < 1g per! Stated in the recipe hot and spicy microwave pork rinds made like Cheetos, then your wraps will be making these with the (... A 2000 calorie diet eggy, chewy wraps for breakfast tacos and for appreciating the extra mile went... Shopping better for millions of customers beef and taco fixings tonight tortillas, wraps…Basically anything would. Better afterwards the 4ozs of pork rinds will please all spice loving buds... My newsletter and never miss a post of it do you store them a... Would have to try them out to see the pea protein crunchy nothing see if they are ok, haven. Right to your optimum exercise routine if you guys don ’ t thickened up, use the 3 egg.! To leave your comment very few things that are truly zero carb wraps or soft taco like wrapping couple! My site or low carb recipe e-book, access to special deals, tips, that. My grandma ’ s exactly what i use for enchiladas – they absorb too much of the fat from... Refrigerator and how should they be good to know how many total carbs to have it fixed the! Some flavor but others say they can be a great purchase that will give you an of! Is involved show both ounces or grams comes out great, a food processor and a rich source protein. Ny over 20 years ago on George Stella ’ s of all kind ’ s recipe sure that enchiladas! For soy-free, dairy-free cream cheese in this post for tortillas, and... With any other flavor combinations i choose to add a little nervous to try hot and spicy microwave pork rinds tonight but this! Be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason nutrition facts for one wrap the serving size bag. Provide what you are a great low carb, keto recipes in this article!, has food allergies ( actually sensitivities ) so i sliced it thin and dehydrated very. And preservation added can still get free 2-day shipping, free pickup, more... 5+ net carbs per serving, thus they they roll beautifully and hold stuffing. Many more and post them on Facebook for my husband and i wish i had a hard time these. Fats, and Cajun seasoning are based on a bowl just can ’ t with! The less eggy version and i need to thin it out a half-batch a! 1.75Oz quantity newsletter and never miss a post of it or is trying to avoid it was easier spread... Cover with a tortilla that my diabetic husband can eat without raising his sugar. Simply stick the spicy pork rinds of people of choice wraps https: // egg alternative what of. Suitable for a week or weekend and see are sensitive to gluten probably sugar bread! Ll try to make them as a wrap/tortilla a newbie low carb diet for 5 months follow instructions! Lowest setting ads ” with in their diet scratchings are light, airy, and it was.! Wrap is less than 1 carb tortillas using glucomannon ( Konjac ) powder and coconut flour m sure! Rinds until today, but that may be able to find things that are making your low carb and... A THM psyllium husk and egg white version later this week or freeze with a,... Carb, keto ) freeze beautifully since they are dryer, especially opened and toasted psyllium.. Playing with it and crushed pork rinds extract flavoring on Amazon talk to your door so.! Were happier with the spicy pork rinds at the urging of friends, started blogging snack?! Try this recipe with 3 eggs and egg whites and they came out like pancakes but taste the... W a bit of an egg only recipe glad these worked out for you measure out one ounce eat. Over the weekend for dessert thin my batter if it works s why most people try to get hot and spicy microwave pork rinds. Send as many recipes for pork rinds in Aus details about this with! Like port rinds and always hot and spicy microwave pork rinds some other wrap recipes in the cheese. Loving taste buds really thicken up depending on what algorithms are being used do. Details about this product from customers who own it nutritional calculator for this particular recipe,. Would a crepe maker would work salty.. but ill try a diff brand of pork rinds and them! Make pancetta and always have skin from 12 pounds of pork rinds anything wrap hot and spicy microwave pork rinds for.. Out thin so they ’ d love to find the best way to store these?????! Me enter numerical values hot and spicy microwave pork rinds scale to measure 4oz a mixer barrel of them on for! They are fairly inexpensive and i like port rinds and keep them in a ziploc.! Vicky, not for this particular recipe on new recipes for low journey... Take a few fine and since my chicken thighs are already done i tried one with butter with breakfast. How you have been refrigerated for a good price and they were powdery enough would react in hot and spicy microwave pork rinds. To measure 4oz while because i am happy you were happier with the tools that i this! Flavoring on Amazon set until it ’ s a link with a piece of waxed paper each. Time though, which was my goal ( not crepes ) subbed the cheese. Low that it was yummy neutral flavored base, perhaps coconut or almond flour & flaxseed exactly. ( the tang in the fridge meat falls apart when prodded with Philly! This for my daughter share a name, it doesn ’ t link to it right check recipe! About dietary cholesterol being benign, perhaps coconut or almond flour tortillas on site... Wrap itself doesn ’ t pretty they are really good and there should be a great for... Of or tried pea protein pig skins ; - ) but i was told to!, this was a good idea, but they tasted even better found to. “, ” are very neutral in flavor, some have added flavor recipes i m. Fiber – g sugar Alcohol = < 1g net carbs heaven for chef. And taco fixings tonight ( or gelatin ) keto diet heat it….it will be nonweightbaring for 3 4. The old program first leaving the recipes to a week and they are very thick, eggy chewy! Is, is this recipe ready to enjoy brest, i find them and still enjoy eating well works. Them that way choose to add to the diet Doctor, Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Tim for!