There is an 8 pack monthly subscription which includes 8 bottles of beers at the rate of £17.01, a ferment magazine for £4.99, a snack for £2, VAT at the rate of £2.84 which will all be delivered free, all at rate of £24 per month. I received a voucher for beer52 just before Christmas and immediately put in my order. Points can be redeemed on our shop by ticking the 'redeem points' box at our secure checkout. Refunds will be made via cheque, bank transfer or crediting your card at the discretion of Beer52. All data is collected lawfully and maintained in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998. Should you not want to continue your subscription, you may wonder if you can cancel it. You will be automatically rewarded points for every order you place, each beer you rate or review and for referring your friends, subject to the standard terms of our Refer A Friend promotion. If you would like to spend your gift card credit on different numbers of snacks and magazines as is offered during our primary signup flow, you can arrange this easily by contacting, who will be happy to charge your gift card credit appropriately. Please note: loyalty points cannot be used in the same instance as shop vouchers. You might want to take a break or feel like you are consuming too much of beers or other reason, Beer52 have an option to pause your subscription. I am, however, giving up drinking and want to cancel my subscription. Our craft beer club subscription is billed every 28 days unless otherwise stated, for a total number of 13 boxes per year. How to cancel Beer52. As you browse Beer52, cookies will be placed on your computer to help us measure our content and web flow. Beer52 is a Craft Beer subscription which sends out a box of specially selected Craft Beers to try each month. Don’t want to subscribe? Company Details. Well, there’s no minimum sign up, so it is possible even after just one month. You can get a free trial (just pay delivery). I’m a Beer52 subscriber myself and the link below is … Text at the bottom of the leaflet stated “To claim go to: USE CODE: GRUMM10 Normally £24”. Read their FAQ. In taking up the Beer52 Groupon offer we were automatically signing a Continuous Payment Order, for which you have to give the bank 1 month’s notice to cancel. As you will discover, the reviews aren't overly positive; these Beers suck! No minimum commitment, simply contact customer support to cancel anytime. You confirm that you have permission from the person you are inviting to send them marketing information from us. However, the subscription can only truly be cancelled via the phone, whereby you’ll enter a … There are 2552 customers that Beer52, rating them as excellent. Or yo get a phone number to speak to someone. We have to print the magazine far in advance of sending out boxes, so the beers displayed on the tasting notes pages may vary slightly to the beers in your box at this time. I set up my account online. You must be logged into your account to spend your points. Customers on a 3, 6, or 12 month plan will receive 3, 6 or 12 cases in total, one every 4 weeks. Get it. To claim your beer with free delivery, copy the voucher code, select an 8 pack Reward case from our shop. In the event of exceptional circumstances, you are responsible for return shipping costs. You could send a message to if you want to pause it for more than a month. Get our weekly newsletter. You can make changes to your subscription at any time by logging into your Beer52 account online. When registering on our website, you consent to Beer52 maintaining, recording, holding and using the personal data we collect about you. We hate goodbyes, but for any reason you want to cancel you can do so at any time. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Beer52 – Monthly subscription, how to pause and cancel subscription, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), It is very easy to enjoy any of the subscriptions offered by beer52, Just log on to. Heather in Customer Services was very friendly and helped me cancel my subscription. Subject to change, all rights reserved. You can find their contact info here: Reply Any codes that are suspected of being fraudulent will be cancelled and invalidated. 4) After your free trial box, Beer52 will send you 8 beers a month for £21.60. To postpone deliveries on beer52, you are to send a mail to. All of our items are sold separately, see pricing info above. The downside is you have to phone up, with a waiting time for me of 15 minutes. Refer a friend for more free beer. 1 other review of Beer52. Based up in Scotland, Beer52 is a craft beer discovery club. Any additional orders made on our website or by phone are charged to your payment card when placing your order. In this article, we have discussed how you can cancel your subscription on beer52, how to pause your subscription for as long as 6 months and how to postpone deliveries of your packages all in a simple way. Your beer should arrive with you within 1-3 working days of your latest payment. NB due to present COVID-19 pandemics, it’s possible you experience some delay while putting a call through, be patient you will be attended to shortly. This is so that we comply with the Licensing Act 2003, which we must abide to by taking all reasonable steps to ensure we only provide alcohol to persons over the age of 18. There’s a whole range of beers to discover and drink, and Beer52 can help you find your match. If you have received a product that is defective you are entitled to a full refund, which can be arranged by getting in touch with us at , click on the get started button, fill in the appropriate information required, such as your billing information, address. By signing up to our service, you agree to accept delivery confirmation from a courier without signature and agree that if your parcel is marked as delivered or our courier provides photographic evidence of such, this is adequate confirmation of delivery. The first brewery from Beer52's Melbourne box to feature our reviews is Moon Dog Brewing. Please return these codes to the point of purchase and request a refund from the reseller. On the other side of the leaflet featured further text that stated, “Beer52 is an online community for lovers of craft beer. To cancel over the phone, call: 0131 285 2684. These options offer their customers to buy 8 bottles of beers per month for £24 or £29 for 10 bottles of beer. One voucher usage per household. If your friend stays with us for a full price case, we'll award you with a free month of beer for every friend who joins as our way of saying thank you. Please note we need at least 3 working days notice to cancel before your next billing date, and 24 hours to process your first order. Gift card credit can be spent on a combination of Ferment magazines, snacks and beer of your choosing as part of a rolling subscription. They set up Killer Cat, a subsidiary of the main brewery shortly after and the beers are slightly different from the main Malmesbury Brewing. All vouchers and offers, unless otherwise stated, are intended for single use only.