This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. You might feel overwhelmed. The student will be exposed to EIA concepts and methodologies that cover social, engineering and economic issues. We will move immediately to restore the special measures that we had for Notification of Extenuating Circumstances for extensions from last year. Whilst we agree on the course of action in many areas, there are others where we have a different view on what will work best to support our students. Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Impact Assessment . Safety Policy; Safety Training; Safety Manual; Risk Assessment; Permit and Licensing; Emergency Preparedness; Objective and programme; Main Campus; 50 Nanyang Avenue; Singapore … A key benefit of grade-based assessment (GBA) is that grades and associated descriptors help you to track your development on each module as well as monitor overall progress on the journey to your award. We have lots of other ways to ensure fairness and no detriment in your assessments. However, we are now adding a third. Friday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, Nottingham Trent University We have listened to our NTU community, including NTSU. This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. Overview The policy establishes principles, processes and good practice in all aspects of the management of student assessment. Find out more here. Nottingham, The Centre for Student and Community Engagement (CenSCE). This is what we have now done. Policies and procedures Nottingham Trent University policies and procedures for students. NTU is committed to ensuring that teaching and assessment will continue to support learning in 2020/21. Risk Assessment. Abstract. Is NTU now adopting a no detriment policy? Search Results Filter. All members of the NTU community are responsible for upholding the values of academic integrity in all academic undertakings. Published: 20/01/2021 NTU and NTSU are hosting a student Q&A via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 26 January, 5 pm – 6 pm, to answer any questions you may have about how your work will be assessed this year, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This is more complicated for us than for universities with a semester system, because not all our modules have an assessment in the early part of the year. Each course has an assessment strategy designed for its own learning outcomes, often with professional accreditation in mind. An important part of their decision making includes compensating for failed modules. Support Support. 1.1 ... Risk Assessment. They shall ensure that proper risk assessment(s) is carried out and practical measures are in place to control the risks. We have welcomed advice and challenge from Nottingham Trent Student Union (NTSU) in devising our approach. There are too many circumstances to list, but the NEC is available to support any student unable to study due to circumstances beyond their control. University Assessment Policy Yellow highlighted text identifies the most recent revisions to the document/ regulations. Many of you have asked us to strengthen our current no detriment policy. We will review this policy to ensure that it is still working effectively to support you in the current circumstances. We have adopted a no detriment policy from the outset. Schools are urgently reviewing their assessment schedules. The University will monitor assessment mid-year to ensure that our measures are working. Last year NTU introduced Last year NTU introduced NTU announce changes to assessment following petition for 'no-detriment' policy - Platform Magazine This means that an apparently ‘simple’ universal change would have very different effects for different courses, and the unintended consequence of such blanket measures could be to actually create unfairness. Grounds for this request include extenuating circumstances that you could not alert us to before an assessment. But we will review the outcomes of the ‘half year’ assessment period to gauge if we need to do more. How to make an appointment Second, you do not need to provide independent documentary evidence when seeking an NEC. Schools will carefully consider any impact of changes, with a presumption that a change to time will normally give students more opportunity to prepare. Examination Boards make the decision about whether a student is ready to progress to the next level of study, and on award classifications. (2010) suggest some approaches (not exhaustive) to assess students for eight generic domains of learning outcomes. Explaining more about how NTU is assessing students fairly in 2021, Services and support over the Winter Break. RA needs to be submitted prior to protocol approval. This is in addition to the supportive measures already in place. When assessments are marked, the marking is also reviewed for fairness in the moderation process. We will continue to collaborate with NTSU to review this support. Lines are open:Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5 pm 2. NTU Student Q&A: assessing you fairly in 2021 Campus life. It will not be possible to hold some of these, either in the intended format or at the intended time. We trust you. Prior to completing the AUP application form, refer to the NTU-IACUC policy for special procedures . This happens where a student has failed a module but has demonstrated that they have achieved the same learning outcomes elsewhere. Grade-based assessment. Today (January 8), NTU announced they would not be providing a safety-net grade for final years. (NTU Assessment Policy, Para 5.1.4) Share Article. Please read up on NTU's Assessment Policy on Undergraduate Education to find out more about the university's policy on assessment (Intranet only) What are examples of the assessment table? This includes the implementation of the MSE HSE policy, objectives, standard operating procedures, proper maintenance of equipment and facilities, and effective communication (including training and supervision) to all stakeholders. Taken together, we believe this to be a comprehensive and fair package which will ensure no detriment to our students taking their summer assessments in these difficult times. Principles of assessment The principles and requirements set out in this Section are designed to ensure that the University, its Schools and course teams have processes of assessment in place which enable every student to demonstrate the extent to which they have … Each course team has reviewed in great depth its assessment format and schedule and considered what is the mos… Our approach to date has focused on two methods which would ensure there will be no detriment to our students as a result of this international crisis. We find ourselves in very uncertain times and we know that current events will be causing students anxiety. In the pandemic there are a lot more things beyond your control, so we have extended our policy further. NTU Academic Irregularities policy. Nottingham Trent University Online Workspace (NOW) NTU Email; Timetable; Dashboard; Library ; Get your exam results online ; Exam results publication dates Last updated: 24/09/2020; Related content Find out about the NTU degree classification rules. Home, 1 of 18 Home; Introduction, 2 of 18 Introduction; Legal background, 3 of 18 Legal background; University Policy and Guidance, 4 of 18 University Policy and Guidance; What is risk assessment?, 5 of 18 What is risk assessment? Grade-based assessment Read about the new NTU grading scheme and advantages of grade-based assessment (GBA) for Nottingham Trent University undergraduate students. Why have you changed your mind? 50 Shakespeare Street By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In this section you can find details of … Further FAQs and guidance will be issued over the next few days; please continue to check the pages for updates. **FACTS Policies / Rules & Regulations: ... * Users must conduct Risk Assessment for their work, especially for sample handling in FACTS. NTU SOP on Risk Management ; Guide on how to conduct risk assessment using WRAS ; Risk register form; Risk assessment form; Risk communication form Safe work procedure form Share Article. After an Examination Board, a student can request reconsideration of a decision. NTU is a big university with a very diverse range of courses. Abstract: One of the salient policy recommendations for conflict and genocide prevention is the use of early warning models. Why have you changed your mind? This item appears on. (RSIS NTS Insight March 2011). If you need a coursework extension, please let us know before the assessment deadline, by using the online NEC form. Policies As an educational provider which strives to be transparent in its decision-making, NTU is governed by a series of policies. Any piece of assessed work (e.g. This year we can’t offer a safety net grade, as no assessments that contribute to this year’s learning have been completed without some impact from COVID-19. NTU Risk assessment elearning. Learn how to request an extension for an assessment deadline. Each course is unique and NTU has a set of guidelines that will help you in developing your assessment. Read Vice Chancellor Edward Pecks's latest update regarding assessments at NTU this summer. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice. If the RA is not submitted at the time of AUP application submission, it must be stated by when RA will be provided. This document gives information about the location of these facilities and the policy for their use. Type Journal Publisher Routledge Pub place Abingdon ISSN 0969-594X EISSN 1465-329X. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Every student should be able to undertake an assessment fairly. The University will ensure the Examination Boards’ powers are comprehensive. But please don’t worry. Title: Digital financial inclusion in Africa : an analytical assessment of Kenya & Nigeria: Authors: Raji, Rafiq: Keywords: Business Business::Finance Home; NTU’s Principles of Assessment; Selecting An Assessment Activity; Developing Assessment Criteria; Assessment Criteria Examples; Team Assessment for Learning; Main Campus; 50 Nanyang Avenue; Singapore 639798; Tel: (65) 67911744; NOVENA CAMPUS; 11 MANDALAY ROAD; SINGAPORE 308232 ; Tel: (65) 65138572; Contact; Getting to NTU; … We have adopted a no detriment policy from the outset. We don’t think that blanket measures, such as moving all deadlines, or changing the way all degrees are classified, is a helpful approach. The University will moderate all assessment, External Examiners will monitor outcomes closely and grades can be adjusted. Menu Menu. If something happens during a time-limited assessment like an online exam, please let us know by sending the self-certification form with your NEC. This is not the University experience our students were expecting, but there remains important value in our students continuing to study, to revise, and to take assessments. page 4 related announcements. 3. 50 Shakespeare Street Course teams will design alternatives, in format or time, ensuring that they still meet your learning outcomes and that they don’t impact on other assessments directly or indirectly. Course teams are reviewing their schedules of assessment tasks.