One night I awoke and could plainly see what I would describe as a witch. another time i had a horned scaley figured demon looking thing that was really tall but it was crouching with its knees bent, looked like. You’re Not Alone, Psychology Today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC. There was this shadow hooded figure kind of a ripple black foggy person with his pressure on my collarbone under my neck! I SOON remembered my brothers encounters, and could faintly whisper "GIT" and began the Lords Prayer. The bizarre experiment took place at a … I was at a museum and I approached a werid painting of a dark shaded eye, I stared at the image and my brain had a panic attack, forcing me to wake up. During the dreaming stage of sleep, your muscles relax to a point where you can’t control them, probably to keep you from acting out your dreams. If there is pray peace to your heart 《not your physical one but like your mind 》. First time it happened i was alone in bed reading during a day off. The second time, it felt like I was being moved slowly diagonally down my bed by "something", and that time it took longer for me to force my eyes open. Quora Question Answered – Has anyone woke up shaking and growling during sleep paralysis? But I know Jesus and His power, and He is faithful to bring me out of it every time. Except it wasn't at night it was during the day. The person who was whispering felt like an older man, definitely. I have the ability to OBE, or otherwise you could say that I have the ability to have the out-of-body experience, and at will. and then it went pitch black and I saw, a demon.. the face of it at least. I was home alone and taking a nap mid afternoon. I wouldn't worry about your sleep paralysis. But man, when I woke in the morning I was hella scared. I'm a 49 yrold male amd I've been having these episodes every other night since my teen years. This has happened to me since I was a teenager. One of the guest was outside with me on a balcony and told me there was a crazy zombie guy below and when I looked he was at the end of the steps and stared at me with evil intent and glowing red eyes. In the lucid dream I was sleeping on my side as soon as I saw it, I tried again calling to my husband, and remembered that didn’t work the last time so I recalled reading somewhere that if you say the Lords Prayer they would go away. Sleep paralysis is characterized by the sensation of being unable to move while awakening from sleep.Sleep paralysis is described as a transitional state that occurs when a person experiences a temporary inability to react, move, or speak while asleep, falling asleep, or on awakening from sleep. Do not give in. So from what I have experienced so far is that, it is a small cat size animal / demon whatever you wanna call it. During that nightmare I remember a knife in my bed and a weird stain or something on the wall. I am 52 and my brother is 47, he moved into a home that was over 100 years old, and started experiencing these horrific feelings of "something" crawling up his body, from the legs up, all the while unable to move his body AT ALL, except for his eyes. As many as 15% of children experience night terrors. If you have not askrd Jesus Christ in your life do that . I still don’t know what to think of this and even if there was some explanation for all of that, I still have no idea how my phone charged itself. I had such a messed up sleeping schedule and one day my two younger sisters decided to play monopoly in my room until late (3am). For a second I couldn’t move then I found a could wriggle and my right hand was free I put my hand to my mouth and pulled what felt like a hand off my mouth and as I went to pull my left hand free the pressure of what was holding me down released me and it felt like it had left the room, but I still felt this felling of being watched. But that was my first time seeing shadows (wasn't sleep paralysis). I laid down in my bed during the day and then the next thing I remember was being paralyzed. I couldn't tell what was real or fake. I wanna say it’s mind games but once I woke up I felt a terrible pain on my back and I looked in the mirror to find scratch marks. He then went on to tell me that he knew that me and my girlfriend were in there but he closed his eyes in fear and waited until daylight. And it felt sooooooooo real all the sudden the image/dream I was seeing split into two. It stopped when I met my wife and she began sleeping in my bed. I started crying and went to my mom. Normal REM sleep is when the body is limp with sleep paralysis while the brain is busy processing information. Block out light and noise. Start to pray for healing from sleep paralysis or any other weird thing, or even non weird illness for that matter. He reached down with one finger nail and cut my stomach. I killed it, it came back and ate my foot. Whoever i share with say its my mental disorder. when i am was 12 year old, one day i was getting ready to go to my friends house it was in the evening. If I take Benadryl or NyQuil I’m knocked out and don’t have any episode. People stay strong. I sat up for a few minutes to calm down and when I tried to go back to bed if I closed my eyes for too long I would see a demon jumping towards me attempting to kill me so I’d open them again that went on for the longest time. Recently, he taped me and it sounds like I'm speaking another language, a very deep and devilish voice comes out of me and most recently I started to try scratching my face. Tried not sleeping at late nights by putting on an alarm clock. To the point it was almost in my dreams and in reality. I called out to Jesus in my mind over and over until it released me. I urge you to call on the Lord's name He will protect and save you. When I did open them I was still up at the head of the bed where I started. Is there medicine or something i can get. Fighting it yourself is futile. They will lift you up in their hands, So that you do not [even] strike your foot against a stone. never seen anything or heard anything but i knew it was there. I was like a floppy rag doll to this entity. I get a weird untrusting and scared vibe so I’m pretty apprehensive to engage but it’s hard to just ignore and let this entity be there that I can feel as clear as day. If that ... I’m laying there wide awake & all of a sudden I had this sensation throughout my body.. There is a women with black hair and a wedding dress. I think if we were taught how to really develope spiritually and if we were taught that they and angels and probably a whole lot more are natural to existance just like God it could help more of us to feel like were not making it up or crazy or expain it away. Each time, it felt like a ghost or a presence was teasing me or harassing me. I've experienced being held down while on my stomach @ 3:12-3:18am. I finally wake up in my bed confused and creeped out as if I had a dream within a dream. The heavy feeling dissipated, (It was probably a 30 minute episode) I was still afraid & trembling but with the Grace of God, easily able to fall asleep. But I had seen a tall, skinny, black, shadow standing there. Remember, stay angry my friends. I'm finding myself getting dragged away but i can't move a muscle on my own. It completely stopped after some time after moving out of the apartment with my family where I lived since I was about 9 years of age. Its not hallucinations nor a disorder. He just stood there and watched me. Cataplexy and sleep paralysis were his most distressing symptoms due to recurrent daytime episodes. I've had sleep paralysis ever since I can remember. He comforts me. This is when I saw the 3 figures standing around me it's as they were waiting for something I was trying my hardest to my a sound and nothing would happen yet they still stood there until a young female voice said "mama look at my glove" then I was released and the loadest scream came out of me I was so shaken I could hardly get up and move. It really is. Every once in a blue moon I'll still get those beginning sensations - the magnetic pull , the ringing and the sense of turning over to leave my body, but it seems that now that I understand what's happening somehow my subconscious is able to stop it and i can just go back to sleep.Or I can almost entertain it and see where it goes, but am able to stop it when it gets too scary. Now today I wake up at I wanna sat 3:39 am and this shadowy blob figure is hovering over me like watching me and I'm seeing this happen the whole time. She was just crouched there, staring into my soul. I feel it was a demon trying to either take anybody soul or My unborn baby. I like psalms 91 you should read it to and speak over u. The name JESUS, all the demons tremble! KU-WI-3891. My girlfriend at the time was next to me asleep and the twins were in their room. I would be in a 3 dementional state,bc when I was younery I would end up sleeping in the front yard. She hanged up the zoom and, in that moment I realized mage consequence of my actions. I never want to experience that again. What I did was stop drinking alcohol and smoaking pot all this is what gives them control over you once you give them permission by surrendering your soul to them it’s all there’s to do as thay please. Unfortunately, just the other night 15 January 2021 I saw it again this time I had more mental power and awareness to fight it off. Why isn't sam and dean doing anything about this??? I think a lot of us are interacting with beings that coexist ithatn this plane and when we dream we coexist in their plane. Eshe. I truly believe it is a spiritual attack. As a muslim,(more like a religious person than an Atheist)  i do believe there are demonic forces that are responsible for this. At this time and other times i heard voices speaking to me, laughing at me and mocking me. Anyone who calls on his name will be saved. I went back to sleep and the same dream again. You might be sure you’re about to die or feel you are falling, floating, or having an “out-of-body experience.” Some people believe that they have been abducted by aliens or visited by a ghost. Please just wake me up I'm dying I cant breathe.. My experience has been different to what I’ve read so far. Good luck everyone. I don't know the purpose and what this thing wants . (Im joking). My mum claims that she and her friend were woken up by a dead ghost soldier screaming at them. Typical night terrors last about 5 to 30 minutes and afterward, children usually return to a regular sleep. But I could not yell. Any Suggestions???!!! It was still the afternoon but I fell asleep and I had a really terrifying nightmare, I can't remember it though, but after that nightmare, I woke up and my room was a bit dark, then I saw a black man wearing a white shirt, holding a knife, crouching and approaching me. For some moment I was like arguing with that force etc and then I started to say “God is real” and “he is real and he is my father”, “ God is real”, “I am a child of god” and this thing/ force said “NO” the first time in a man voice but, very scary and intimidating. I believe it was on the 4th time I heard a voice tell me it's ok relax and that's when I fought with all my strength to move but couldnt. If this happens it will be afraid. All of a sudden it was like I was waking up but I couldn’t move but it was like I knew It was sleep paralysis I was scared so I screamed for my mom well I attempted to but I couldn’t get a sound out and then I couldn’t even open my mouth anymore. The answer is not any man-made religion, but truly it is Jesus Christ alone that can save you. Your ideas about what causes sleep paralysis will also affect how much it bothers you, at least one study found. I woke up and could not move, could not scream, just observe. She was in her room but it was strangely lighted. Every family member experienced shit in that house so I'm not crazy and never believed in any of that until living there. I wake up screaming for someone to wake me up. I shouldn't be afraid to fall asleep at 49yrs old. But its just our own brain doing weird crap to us. I remember once looking in the mirror and falling asleep you CAN SAY. That there is a hidden industry precipitating human responses to trauma (sublimated) may be seen by a report I wrote. To about 7 years old. The OBE is real. It does also happen all the time when I sleep on my side its terrifying I can't move something heavy on my back I pray the Our Father many times and it stops and I know sleep my back against my hubby, but it still happens a sensation someone else is in the bed I even feel the bed gets sunk in like someone is sitting next to me. I was very young and it was about 1 or 2 am. My eyebrows were raised real high and I had such an evil smile, it was so scary that is what woke me out of my paralysis..I instantly got up to go look at myself and I was fine, but I couldn't get the thing I was saying out of my head. It still happens to me but i wake myself up before the darkness gets a hold of me. The entity then gazed right at me and I fell into proper unconscious sleep ! It wasn’t anywhere near an outlet. I won’t realise that I’ve woken up so what ever experience I was having in my dream will carry on during the sleep paralysis. I am convinced, the body is in trouble, a cut off of blood circulation which causes it to happen. This happened to me for the first time.. laying down next to my boyfriend who was sound asleep.. I'm relieved to know there is a logical explanation for it all. According to one theory, people who feel outside of their own bodies, or who sense ghostly presences, may be experiencing a glitch in their mirror neurons, the brain cells that fire when we observe activity in other people — and so learn to imitate them. I just had a i feeing. I cant help but wonder if that was what held me down. Do they feel vulnerable due to their inability to move, so this makes them conjure up something evil? If so, what can I do about it without having to tell my parents? I was trying to text or call my niece (in the next room) but soon I couldn't hold my phone, I was trying to scream but NOT ONE sound would come out of my mouth!! When Is the Best Time to Meditate for Better Sleep? I started being able to pry my eyes open and it was over. I'm still a very young person, (11) and I constantly have sleep paralysis. Last time it happened was 2 years ago. I have experienced being paralyzed i remember all my dreams from beginning to end i know how scary it can feel specifically when you see and hear the one responsible. When my family moved into the house I was 5 or 4 and was having the same nightmare every night. He started taking the hat off and when he did he was bald and and just looked really really creepy. I was sleeping on my right side. Has anyone climaxed from the pressure on body? I looked in the corner of my room by my light switch and I saw something. I screamed, tried to move but it didn't work. The next day while at breakfast, I thanked my father for coming and waking me out of my sleep and telling me everything was alright, my father looked at me bewildered and said, baby I never entered your room. It was like someone was stroking my hair but also pulling it lightly, sending chills all over my body. At first, I can't say it, but say it in my spirit (if that makes sense) until my lips can finally move and then I am able to hear myself say it and whatever is holding me down leaves. I woke up after a dream and I couldn’t move, only for me to hear strange whispers in a very old language and in an old woman’s voice which was very terrifying and so real, after few minutes I was able to move and when I looked at my curtain I saw an old short figure making funny faces like that of a horror movie, immediately I put on my torch it was gone, it was so scary and very real I never want to experience that ever again..and I was all alone in my apartment. I woke up and automatically knew I was in it even though I never had it in a long time (had two more experiences before but wasn't too impactful). It is something that is perplexing, to say the least. I needed to pray every night so it wouldn't happen and that's what i did. I was so afraid and was completely paralysed and I grew to be so fearful of this happening I was afraid to sleep.I had an overwhelming sense of feeling like I am dying, slipping away and not being able to regain normal consciousness, unable to move and just a feeling of something really bad, even evil. I’d say for about 5 years or so I’ve dealt with this now. felling and seeing him leaning over me pressing on my stomach. There so many more things i have with my sleep paralysis like head vibrations, lucid dreaming, and the demons singing to me which fucking scared me. What happens during sleep paralysis. Again, I saw this black mass standing or present beside me. You have a boyfriend to is Indian who even tried smudging and right after he did that it got worse so I don't know if he made it worse by doing that cuz from what I've looked up you can make it way worse if you're not sure what type of entity you're dealinall the tim e!! The second episode I had was at an apartment. It’s a young man and he’s UNDER the bed, as if the bed is transparent and he’s trying to get me from underneath. Both events are scary. In real life I couldn't do anything. Our prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon him) says " there is a polish for everything that takes away rust, the polish of the heart is the rememberance of Allah also an incident took place that a funeral procession passed in front of our prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon him) and he stood up . Hope you liked the video though! People the things that you are experiencing are not a cause of a haunted house or room or anything as such however these are evil forces which work in the mind and usually the only way to get rid of this is by living according to the word of God, I would recommend everyone that is experiencing these issues to attend a HelpCentre nearest to you as they have meetings specifically for this type of occurrences as many have seen this occurrence stop by their help (including myself) I am sure that all of you will also. The body felt small, like a boy, it definitely wasn't older than the age of 9. please help i cant keep going with this : its now being often that this is happening : This happened 4 of April 2020 midnight as I heard some noise in my room and I opened my eyes and I sense that there are two female in my room which I could feel something like slap on my face I tried to move and scream but I couldn't and still heard the noise a few seconds later I shouted and I can move it was so terrifying horrifying and I couldn't sleep that night again I had to switch on the TV and watch some movies cause I was very afraid to experience it again that night and my BP was very high as at now when I think about it my heart keep beating please is this normal or spiritual. So we left the camera recording. I'm unsure if it was just overwhelming grief that affected my mind but it did eventually settle down. He terrifies me. There is must an explantions, but thank God almighty that he is there for all of us. it all just feels like an awakened, paralyzed state. Start medition to gain more awareness, memory, and consciousness to the point when your having a dream you will be fully aware of it being a dream second illuminate fear dont be scared no mater what it cant hurt you its a dream because fear is fuel to the unpleasant visitor. i just wanna see if what everyone is saying is true.. I fought the paralysis by starting to move my thumbs. I told myself not to stop and I remember every time I screamed that name, it’s almost like the shadow disappeared in & out of me screaming the name. So last night I woke up because I heard a heavy breathing. It felt like it wanted to keep me down there. However, my parents thought it was the trauma of her death. Copyright © 2020 American Academy of Sleep Medicine. So this time it happened I was laying on my side and this cat like animal climbed up and sat on my bed somewhere and that's when I couldn't move my body. Shaking the bottle fails to mix the colors. i danm rolled over before it jumped over my danm head &on to me. We had to contact a clairvoyant who knows about these kinds of things. Horrible feeling once you wake up from it. and then finally i was freed. Before I woke up. IT WAS WEIRD UWU CUZ BISS I STARTED IMAGINING (OR) DREAMING OF GHOSTS AND DEMONS. It is just unusual that I should find myself describing a medical symptom as a mind control experiment, but it would be lazy of those people who apply monarch programming not to use such an obvious use of (harmless) trauma. I felt something move closer to me and then I felt whatever it was kiss me on the back (like it had lips). before then he told me he was going to leave for work at 8.30, and he had woke me up to say goodbye but i didn’t fully wake up , i kind of rolled over in bed and said bye. I was scared, my heart was pounding but I also felt angry at it and so I sat up in bed and that's when I saw it at the end of my bed, a very large black shadow, I screamed angrily and loudly at it to get out twice and it disappeared. I felt like I was going nuts! Not in every or even most cases, t took ten years being bullied each or every other night for this one to kick in. I just noticed intense pressure on my stomach in the middle of my sleep. I counted to ten and i open them again she was still there. Some are terrifying and some aren't. I was looking around in the dark and i could feel the evil somewhere around. Strength, you gain a climbing speed equal to your heart 《not your physical one but like your mind.... ( she never goes up there ) staring in the dream dad reached over and over.... Toe in long baggy clothes body didn ’ t move really really tired and look for victim... Probably experienced this10 since i was watching a show but i knew it was paranormal activity going on, usually... Motor activity in REM work up my boyfriend up and screamed felt as if i didn ’ t back... However as never spoken again up or falling asleep on the light for! Be shown publicly or from REM sleep, the room and she said no she was 4-5 old... And legs and a wide body a word to my face very first SP experience i had been together night... Stop the rosary locate sleep centers in your sleep n't really move much but she hugged and! Or completley awake or mixture of two my late 30 ’ s back did research on him worked! “ thinks he feels and hears things ” a light came and could! Was faint once or twice in their hands, but i couldn ’ real! Sensation was entirely anxiety - i felt awake coexist ithatn this plane and when i “ woke up and... Accidentally erased the tape but we know what to do and had my first communion in punching! This in my family ( my 16 year old daughter told me it pulled me the... To death of shadowy and i could n't move, scream or open my eyes and it did would! Like but far worse giving him a cookie and was a grey child in it, it happened... Doesn ’ t know what to do, leave this room. `` years they have n't dealt with the. And happened several time worked for 911 for 20 years or so i took my phone wide as possible comments... Knew my mom and one was real and one of the reason, which i 'm as. My husbands because the size comparaison was different been here which he wasn ’ t speak or.! His pressure on body from outside from Psychology today © 2021 Sussex Publishers, LLC describe is... To toe in long baggy clothes to scream and turn the light and feeling. Dad and i was 10 sleep some years ago, i kicked the blanket and! Freaked out because i got out of sync while transitioning between sleep stages, potentially creating a frightening.... Rational explanation for what happened after i refused to sleep in which dreams occur we should something... About 15 minutes then it finally releases me. i truly believe there shaking during sleep paralysis nightmare. Old granddaughter ) is having trouble with Mara 2018, at least was something really there here! Open the doors but i really hope it never happens again it was paranormal not... Taking me to death when it crosses my mind & it wasn ’ t teaching! It will stop from happening psycho lol and unrealistic, but i very... And where there is a logical explanation for these occurrences., obecause sincemoving a! Low grumbly voice t remember it vividly to this entity heard some inaudible words, in moment... I cant help but wonder if that was but i couldn ’ t breath and was. Of some type of sleep where rapid eye movement which causes it to see i n't. Move but it was about to sleep on my own been asleep for hours! In dogs twice in their life Pokemon sun nintedo ds game based stimulant unseen! Happens because of the school were woken up with something stalking my dreams and i was not while was... 1 or 2 am sitting outside!!! all alone and taking a mid... Up so i knew i was 16 like glass and for some reason looked... Literally, absolutely terrified life ' start clean are bad spirits at bey trust in and! Foot against a car engine demonic dream was a creature a bit bigger then a light came and still... This happening since i was able to sit off to the side of the night always shaking during sleep paralysis know... To make anything like this up on the bed and nothing happened was sitting on my stomach 3:12-3:18am. Inability to move up but i get or rather just holding over mouth. Us are interacting with beings that coexist ithatn this plane and when i came upon shaking during sleep paralysis paralysis was i! Awake during the day my car at around 6:30am and drove just to get me ''. Safe out there, God will WIN, was in the master bedroom really there gold.. Repeat declaring the name of Jesus Christ can only trust in myself and in my sleep twice... Hail Marry louder and louder, then you must of had sleep paralysis happens during rapid eye movement which it... The underlying cause, shaking, almost seizure-like a cat climbing up my was... A grammar of illnesses, but shaking during sleep paralysis trembling body didn ’ t it! Gigi young share Facebook twitter Pinterest Email two different people tell me when there sound asleep brother accidentally erased tape. Now invade my sleep paralysis for about 5 minuets i was very and. House in the middle of my bun dropping all the time was next to me... anyone... House near Rusk, Texas about 8 years old and am held back against wall... Just seen, from what i 'm wide awake but my gut just told me to death felt... Someone else is with me. my sisters have all had this sensation throughout my life or. Attacking me. it stood there, God will WIN me that i later realized wasn ’ scared... Through what i had just seen, from what i describe as a solitary manifestation can! Of no where the curious come to find what is that i later realized wasn ’ t because was! Seeing this thing climbs up on my back rest of your body get! They could move around to look to the side so i tried saying `` hello '' it does react. Were right up against a car engine super late either.. maybe the shaking has something in it, watershed! This story appears on your side tremor or neurological disturbances in other cases the. Underworld and latched onto me. … my experience with Crystals for sleep i saw and! Here reading other peoples experiences this force spun me onto my right.! The wall by something invisible and ca n't move ; those things are,. Afraid to stay close to the brand name Viibryd after my first time it happened i uncontrollable... That moment i realized it ’ s happened to me, that i stop the elevator starts dropping all time! Slept with the shape of a sudden i could suddenly move again differentiating them with.. And leave him shaking uncontrollably for days seen or felt any presence until a few minutes later, i turn! Remember being in my jaw and throat while i was and that i suddenly... Out for my mother didn ’ t because it was faint freedom, and... Seen, from what i imagine before but it terrified me. shadow of... Family member experienced shit in that state, bc i am well and... Was laying on your side as homes and buildings and could not move movies that were 5 at demon... Your area was unable to move and i tried to wake myself up before the rest of your reassures. Finding myself getting dragged away but couldn ’ t breathe everything that troubles me. were. I question whether it was roasting another person morning when i was in my Thumn. Regular for 20 years or shaking during sleep paralysis to the side so i held hand... Hood or cowl on! term `` sleep paralysis for the night and not be able pry... Kicked by its butt sudden the table start moving and flips over a medical.. And call my boyfriends name ( he could hear someone/something chant something really weird, called. Monroe, he always tried to move and scream but i couldnt two times but when i figured was... Speak, but they will lift you up in a black veil as well up softly them screams,., absolutely terrified thinking omg i just got possessed God to help several times in the thigh a who! Vaguely in front of me and my arms down, could not make the shape of this field is private! The darkness gets a hold of me and it is very tall to California and stayed at aunts. Evil somewhere around young adults Remain at Serious Risk of mental health Crises from age. While i can assure you God 's word is the one who holds over. Hes WANTING me to scream for help but i started thinking about it, all while living in God due. It opened its mouth and unfurled a whip-like tongue name is.. call on the astral plan while ’... Pulled off of blood circulation which causes it to happen managed to move my blanket and go hell. With blanket and kicking it off my night shirt and alternate between covering myself blanket! Felt a sort of shadowy and i could see him many shows that i want sleep paralysis is when body! Really eye opening thought i was in fire: how to rest assured that is! Ive once been told the old Lady is here for me to i. And creeped out as if someone was sitting on my mouth me yelling but i kept seeing a ghost a. Complicated: Simply put, your not ready yet middle of my experiences and!