I leave it all behind Watch me leave it all behind Don't you go to thinking I'm ever missing you And no I won't apologize This game is up you lose I live with my addictions And keep them underground My lover I hold closer now She never lets me down … Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. Report illegal content. Forever and ever they. I had to leave it all behind. A million miles from emptiness. Leave It All Behind Lyrics: When you look at my life, tell me what do you see? They seal your fate everyday but you can't believe it. In my opinion, a breakdown maybe would'a been good after the bridge. When I leave it all behind Would you be so surprised If I gave up tonight? Leave it all behind you Leave it all behind you Leave it all behind you. Looks like the site is more popular than we thought! A million miles from emptiness. And leave it all behind you. I'll Leave It All Behind by Joe Delk. Leave It All Behind, Leave It All Behind, Leave It All Behind, Leave It All Behind, I Have What You Need, But You Keep On Searching I’ve Done All The Work, But You Keep On Working When You’re Running On Empty, And You Can’t Find The Remedy, Just Come To The Well. I took a drive along the west bank of the shore I thought of what you said and then I thought some more You say your life is all but chiseled out in stone And all you want is just a taste of the unknown Do you have nothing more? They complicate everything. Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Step 2 you've gotta keep it all in sight. //. The Lyrics for Leave It All Behind by L.A. have been translated into 1 languages I don't want to leave this world behind Was the only thing I had in mind Now you've sent the angels back I need them here on earth 'Cause eternity can be a … Could you leave this all behind you? They complicate everything. Lyrics to 'Leave It All Behind' by Amy Grant. And the endlessness of all of our mistakes. You Can Spend Your Whole Life, Chasing What’s Missing, But That Empty Inside, And Leave It All Behind you. Step 3 you've gotta hold your head up high. Leave It All Behind Lyrics. Take yourself far away from nothingness. The song features a return to the band’s aggressive sound that many fans were missing. Lyrics to 'Leave it All Behind' by Razed in Black. Suffocate everything. Step 1 you've gotta learn to live your life. A new day's dawning for me now sugar, and I won't be held back by should's or could have been's Oh no, Oh no. I had to leave it behind, leave it behind.