The namoothiris which entered in relation with these royal families were like in service or like given job.they were treated well money was given to them and to their familes. also they eats dog too. Though viewed by Namboothiri Brahmins and European commentators as immoral, allied with polyandry, or even prostitution, sambandham was nothing of that sort for the Nair women. During this ceremony the girl was married to a man, preferably a Namboothiri Brahman. This name-giving ceremony is similar to the Naamakaranam ceremon of the Namboothiris. The Nairs fought by forming suicide squads (Chavers) against the invading force. it is also a common misconcept that bhrahmins were the sole keepers of sanskrit language.but actually many books in sanskrit was written by bhuddhist and kerala during mediveal period sanskrit was actually taught by medical practitioners ,astrologers etc.these schools were mainly run by buddhist familes or ezhava familes.until the 20th century majority of these schools were run by them also it should be noted that many other castes were also used to run such schools.ayurvedic phisicians were ezhava and nadar familes ,also it was practised by some bhrahmin families and other castes which are now in obc list. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In such cases it could be decided to terminate pollution ties, even while the related groups continued to share a cremation ground. to the Nairs and their society. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. mangoikal is correct , its the same used in marthanda varma novel and in anathan pattu villadichan pattu katha. More Buying Choices $9.64 (14 new offers) Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream, with Sweet Almond Oil, 2OZ. Among unmarried Nair women of north Malabar, Pooram was celebrated to praise and please. And it is so cunningly done that even the evildoers have locked the article, so that changes cannot be made. "Nair pata" (Army) was in erstwhile Travancore state.Nair caste never come in Sudra category, they were real "Kshtriyas". Mannath Padmanabhan, a social reformist, exhorted Nair males to find jobs, earn income and take responsibility of their wives and children. . )the greatest lord (or family )in calicut that time was a ezhava having granded many titles and positions from samudiri.there is one place in the boarder area of calicut and is kottail.there is one family named karippara.other one is dharmoth.kottail was the samudiris most trusted family.there is one fort and palace is the place where kadalundi river joins the sea.its a tactically important place.a navel centre was there.when army moves to malappuram area ,it usually starts from here and the supply will be through here.eralppad or next succeor of samudiri usually stays here.the police and military resposiblities were entrusted to this family.the guard head of the fort was from these two families.even the body guard brigad was headed by them.they had there own temple and lot of special privilages were given to them in the devi temple in kottail,considered the guardian of the samudiri family and the place.the privilages are still now.but as the income of the temple is very less nowadays that ,no one goes to receive it.please also note that chaver pada is not a nair could never was a offensive group formed amoung the army ,to fight against the chola rule. after repeated pleading the king gave permission. ).ezhavars were largely in the service of cochin kingdom ,sankthan thampuran specialy appointed a ezhava military betallion in the guard of vadakkum nathan temple , commanded by a ezhava malabar area ezhavar were largely addressed by the name thiyyar and chekavar.chevam means military service in malayalam.those who were soldiers were known as thiyyars were so much in military service that ,it became another caste name of ezhavars.the word chaver pada or suicidal squad was actually derived from the word chekavar.whether it actually existed a question still not answered.