everyone else i know got the lump sum of several thousand dollars and im scraping by on 195 a week. how are we to support ourselves!!! Be about it!!! I got mine this morning at 5:46am, it should be posted today. I am in Missouri and have been getting my unemployment but never got my back pay and it’s been a month and a half now I’ve called numerous times and get no answers but every week it says that my back pay has been sent to my account but it never hits my account it’s so frustrating does anyone have any suggestions please. If you have not previously had a PIN, you may be prompted to create one once your PUA claim is processed into the system. My card was mailed out on the 20th. I too have emailed, called on the phone, and mailed many documents to verify my identity. So, I should get payment a week? Because I got a message in My message center on October 12th saying they suspended my claim until i verify my identity with i.Dme which I did yesterday but I’m confused how i was paid October 29th. Shame on DETR and our government for letting this happen! I have not received anything for the last five week knownitsixgow do I find out what to do I.m going to be honelsss. Please keep in touch. Also keep an eye on your account frequently, at the end of July I received a letter along with a new link for the opportunity to resend verification of identity and only gave 5 days to respond. Dec 26 is coming up and nothing has been done with my situation. Wits all empty promises!! To check on your claim, log in to our Online Claim System. You have to call the pua office. Can we and will we still receive our back pay? Has anyone received there pua backpay in Az if so do you have the issued card or direct deposit? Anyone know why or how I go about fixing the issue? I personally believe that they ran out of money and are afraid to come out and admit it. I have tried all phone # and web sites. And my weekly benefit certification they said I was paid oct 29, 2020 but nothing in my Account and I’m set up as direct deposit. Do you have any idea how long the time period might be between seeing they’ve paid and when the money ends up in the account? I applied on the 12th. “I’ve filed claims for 19 weeks of Oregon and Federal Stimulus Unemployment and haven’t seen a dime. If so, please share!!! i also uploaded my registration & birth cerficate to be make sure. so can someone help me with this. And believe me, I searched. I’ll be either in a homeless shelter on the streets if this ends up taking much longer. They say if it’s a PUA pending issue, it’s usually a question that was messed up. Fax: We have several fax machines linked to the 503-371-2893 fax number for your PUA application and weekly claim reports. That doesn't include the over 19,000 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA… Definitely keep me updated. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then I get a letter saying to send additional documentation within 7 days of course it took 4 days for the letter to arrive, reminds me of the military and Hurry up and wait…………They want you to send the info yesterday and then sit on it for months it’s frustrating!!!!! I’ve sent a couple of emails, but no replies. For the pua you had to recertify I recertified for the lwa where do I certify for this pua they’ve already sent me a letter saying that it’s in process but I know nothing about applying for certification could someone tell me where I go to I’m here in Kansas City Kansas. Idk what else to do. If you securely e-mail your materials, you should receive an autoreply, … Select your program from the drop-down list below. Idk what to do. When I call they say there are no issues and can’t say when the button will be pushed to pay me. Recruit unemployment.oregon.gov. I am in Arizona as well and I have 25 weeks “in progress” I’m am beside myself and not sure if we will even receive it at all. I have accounts at the largest federal credit union in America!! Forgot to mention I verified my identity 11/30/2020 and still haven’t heard anything from them. I’m in az and I m on week 43 and been reviewed back may and eligible and I d now and Bank statement and there taking child support out of my money shows like paid months ago and still nothing .I’ve started the process to the la or board there the ones who got the power over the pua and got my congressmen on it .I spoke to congressman and they were willing to help so I guess that’s what I do tomorrow if nothing happens this evening or I guess just go postal on the whole crop let God separate the pieces and guess I will see what that gets me lol. If yes on what account? I sent my license in as a identification document. if not paid soon have to rethink who i vote for. Okay if you done it a month ago that you sure received some not all but something to get you by for the time being due to the changes it’s more of a delay? Can someone help me please I’ve done did everything thing they ask me to do upload everything they needed and my stuff still cut off what can I do can someone help me out I been cut off this pua crap every secen may helllllllllllp. Come on with the bull f… shit! I am in the same boat. i have called . I’m sorry you’re going through that, you can go to the Labor Department and go to the section where it says Live Chat. something is not right with this. I’M ABOUT TO COLLECT FOOD STAMP SINCE I HAVE NO MONEY. Really they do not owe anyone anyhting.You can get paid yes but they do not owe you. Where the hell is the money I’m owed??? JUS HIG YHE SHIT OUTTA EM UNTIL U GET SOMEONE WHO CARES ON THE PHONE AND WILL GET IT GOING FOR YA, Hey, I just logged back into My PUA portal n it says paid as well for Some weeks but I do not know where the money is. Most states allow eligible claimants to receive unemployment benefit payments either by debit card or direct deposit. so i just keep emailing from portal . Off topic my apologies. Relia card says they see no deposits yet unemploymebt says they’ve been deposited to my card. I am having the same issue. 0. My daughter filed less than 2 months ago and has already been paid! Has anyone had this happen? So will I get that money on my card then or the following week when normal pua benefits are released? Fax: You can fax your PUA application and weekly claim reports to … I promptly sent the documents and followed up with five hundred phone calls before finally being blessed enough to speak to a very nice lady. . Did you solve this mystery? I just started receiving my PUA no monies from August 1,2020-September 28,2020 only received 3 PUA payment Also, I only received one $300.00 check When will I be receiving the backlogged pay.. my claim is start date 06/28/2020 to expiration 07/04/2020 I have started getting my weekly pay but only 3 It says 10/02 . Because sometimes payments from IRS for refund goes to tax companys bank and then to yours. Idk unless it’s on hold, U wont get that money until those 3 issues have been resolved make sure you contact ur local office, I received 5 payments and then all of a sudden it stopped after August 3rd. All my faith in this system has been lost. This is in contrast to the $600 FPUC where everyone who was eligible for at least $1 in benefits would receive the extra funds. There is a site you can enter your SS number into and find out where you card is, you may have thrown it away thinking it was junk mail. This is Gerald Geiger again, have I mentioned this has been well over 2 months before they even after all the calls I’ve made, told me about the two documents that I expedited the next day to them!! Pending PUA issues. Pua oregon weekly claim. But I have not received any thing from them into my bank account. theirs a reason why people avoid you at all cost when they owe you money . This is actually the same day i get paid, im sorry you are experiencing this. I’ve been calling for 10 business days and get nothing but a busy signal. I filed back in April, kept filing weekly and just got an update that I was getting paid (back to when I filed). I mailed them a copy of my id a copy of my ss card a copy of two pieces of mail with my address 2 weeks later it was approved i only got 289 for 2 weeks no backpay so far but the whole process has taken around 18 days. It’s so damn annoying! Fraudulent activity is suspected on your UI account or debit card. This happened last week but it was a holiday. Your (final) approval will come in the form of an email stating that you have met all of the requirements. Why doesn’t EDD have any records of my claim. I was waiting to be able to file for PUA heard nothing by mail I was calling/emailing of course no answer filing I emailed the gov of Virginia in July 10th magically the link for me to file on line opened up, but no approval or denial, I don’t know what to do now I’m still calling and emailing has anyone had this problem, can anyone offer me some suggestion I don’t wanna spend time just waiting again I need help like now. We have uploaded id information and proof of address but it has be almost 2 months and nothing from any one, Starting to worry, bills are piling up and food is getting low. I EVEN SEND OUT EMAIL still no help . I seen the message in my portable about my PUA being suspend late because eventually I stopped filing prior to seeing the message because I seen no payments. What is going on? Call the card issuing company they will rectify that. please help! Claims are updated during the night and are generally available in the morning. If you are using the secure upload option for your application and weekly certifications, you’ll receive a confirmation when that upload occurs. Ok I’m in Ohio. Where did all this money go? I have yet to receive any payment of any kind I have been filing my weekly certifications on time and am still waiting. I emailed the governor, the lieutenant governor, the house, everyone. Box 14165, Salem, OR 97311. I refiled and was told that I didn’t have enough base weeks to claim. At this point, I don’t even care how much the payment is, I just want to know “when and if” payment is coming so I can plan accordingly. After the payment for June 6th week end I received nothing for all those weeks that were certified. Please help. I stop filing my weekly claim , since I have no idea where that money goes. Your not on file st the regular unemployment office. Jump to tracker or i get a job hopefully soon once things open up more. Because this has Been my four card . Currently filing weekly and have received about 3 or 4 weeks of unemployment on the debit card they sent me. Have you gotten any help? I also am goin on 26 weeks Al it says is in progress and no one knows what’s goin on. In NV I understand that child support will take what’s owed. To be clear I was furloughed from March 17th to June 30th. Ive been receiving my pua benefits through direct deposit for the last few months. You can check the status using your Social Security n umber and PIN number through our . Got approved and received my BofA debit card. “Just be patient”. But I also filed my pua claim in pa on Sunday the 13th and always have to paid on Wednesday. does that mean i can finally certify for past weeks? Initially I was submitting weekly claims on the original UI portal, but then I started doing it via the PUA pdf and secure upload link. Do you have any advice??? Where is My PUA Payment and When Will I Get it in My Bank Account or Unemployment Debit Card – Will This Include Back Dated Payments? Will you people quit disclosing the amounts of money you are getting. I’m in Iowa and wondering what the time frame is going to be for the back payment? How can I check on the status of a PUA claim? Sorry can’t help more. I recieved my PUA card and there was supposed to be 3 weeks worth of payments on it but nothing at all? i’m afraid dec 26th will come before any of my questions get answered. COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA. It’s well 12 since I stopped getting paid, woke up today with it saying paid. please explain this differently for me? I received my card and activated it. frustrated & confused in PA! This includes individuals who are self-employed, gig workers, 1099 independent contractors, employees of churches, employees of non-profits, or those with limited work history who do not qualify for state unemployment benefits. Did you get stimulus payment? by In News Weekly; April 9, 2013; 2 minute read; 0. Funny thing is I know people who have never worked filed and within 3 days they had 12,000 in hand. So yeah. i filed dec 16th and was paid dec 24th so something aint right I only got 189 times two that is it but i would do something upload ur id ss card and 2 pieces of mail with ur address im in ohio they move quick. The people is was set up for have to suffer! and it only has current up to 5/29, though I just made a claim this last Sunday. if it’s pua its probably coming in check form they aren’t doing direct deposit anymore, just for UC payments. Take the Eligibility Quiz to see if you may qualify. Who can help me expedite this? Paper checks are an option, but not recommended due to the long payment processing times. Not yours. Thank you. I got three weeks of pau from when I initially filled it out but will I get the back pay? NOTHING. Mine was also due to identity verification. I’m losing my patience with DES Arizona PUA not getting their shit together. I’m still human and a Veteran. Everything bbn looks perfect! you cant email call nothing they say they cant id u then u send them the crap and they still do nothing no stimulus the worlds just going to shit and they wonder y homelessness is up so high theyre doing it cause wat do they care they have jobs money a place to sleep it is all bs, Hi my name’sChristopher and I’m from Las Vegas Nevada I filed 1012 2020 got the approval letter and how much they owe me got my debit card but I have no payment on there I called the center and they told me it’s just a waiting game that I’ve been approved how long does this action usually take. Why is this? I been doing my weekly claim every week . Hi Erin,The same thing happened with my son,he’s been getting his payments but today,nothing. I waited 4 months before my first payment, every time I checked my PUA status online, it was saying pending,but after 4 months waiting they paid me. Can’t afford to be patient anymore. Monday morning only! nothing. If they already sent your card you can request a new one be sent. In the meantime they sent me a letter saying not to apply to Regular Unemployment, directly followed by a line saying to apply for regular employment and even gave me a link. If you haven’t gotten yet it’s been but stole I would recommend sending it to some one you truthfuly trust to mail it to. Idk. I received my debit card reliacard, but have only received the 195 weekly payments & the lwa benefits but only for 2 weeks. When I check my pua account then claims were approved but I never recieved the money on my card. The Oregon Employment Department says it has roughly 70,000 unprocessed unemployment claims for the self-employed and contract workers. same over here no back payments under the PUA. See our. I basically was approved for the same amount of credits & 195$ weekly payments as well. Under my claim detail where it says claim benefit paid they said they paid me a couple thousand but I have yet to receive anything. So if you forgot to certify or had issues with your certification for a given week, your UI payment could be delayed. I have been waiting 9 weeks for my PUA and $300.00 received one August 9,2020 and that is it now what’s next I have been given every excuse even when it says approved something needs to done we are all drowning.. we are suffering no rent,bills or food enough something needs to be done to escalate. Idenity. I filed in July. Roughly $15,000 that I have yet to receive. If their is no issues with my claim then why am I not getting paid? Weekly certifications MUST be filed every week to continue receiving payments whether via direct deposit or on a state debit card. its hard to be patient when your landlord bills and kids arent. You can see more about the PUA program here, but here are some possible reasons for the delayed payments, especially around those getting paid via Debit Cards. Please help, My Husband filed for pua in Ohio in June they said they could not verify his identity we would have to appeal but looking at his claim they were going to take child support out so how did they not be able to verify his identity. someone needs to answer for this. My employees counted on me every pay fault! PLEASE HELP. PUA provides benefits for up to 50 weeks for weeks of unemployment beginning on or after January 27, 2020. Thanks in advance for your time and help. After Being layed off June 30th and being told a debit card would be sent, nothing happened for the next 8 weeks. The PUA program in Oregon fielded more than 90,000 claims in the first seven weeks after its launch but paid fewer than 3,000 a week on average. My gosh they can check me out easy, I’m not. It may take two to three weeks to receive these back dated payments. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE EXACT REASON IT WASN’T ACCEPTED! Reach out to your stste congressmen and your state senator. All those weeks have been certified, and as of yet not a single payment has been received. Also includes in the package is a third stimulus check, a longer extension to the eviction moratorium, money to help roll out more vaccines and $400 bonus unemployment payments. Second stimulus check status and update today (Jan 15) The second stimulus check is on its way to eligible taxpayers following President Trump signature on a $900 billion stimulus deal. Detailed instructions are available here . Take care. I filed a month ago, I got m card the next week, the following week i got my unemployment and this week nothing. The Oregon Employment Department had just over 61,000 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims left to process by Wednesday. The PUA program will provide unemployment benefits to those not ordinarily eligible for them for up to 39 weeks. If your in GA there is a new GDOL entry to make and appointment. It has been over 2 months since then and they are still saying the same damn thing!! I filed for my pua in june or july I got my letter saying i was approved and how much I should be receiving. In many states backdated PUA and other enhanced UI benefit payments will be automatically paid shortly after the first PUA payment (assuming claimant is eligible), but in several states (e.g PA) individuals will also be asked to file separately for backdated claims for previous eligible weeks. Hi Shannon, I too am in OH, I signed up for direct deposit. But if I try to claim/certify those weeks it states claim for that week has already been received…??? It did refer me to another number just for pua technical issues, but when I call that number I get the same exact recording. Frequently asked questions about claims, claims statuses, and what you can do. Your status said paid and mine says paid too, BUT where is that money? Still I pay my taxes when able, the Feds take child support and gives no to the kids. All I need to do is pass them over maybe one more document to get this going… but they rather make this drag on. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. DLI will let you know when you should resume filing your weekly benefit certifications. Hope everything work for you. Your I file weekly. I filed in February Identified myself through the app they assigned me and still haven’t heard from anyone. I got the approval letter about 2 months ago n still haven’t received anything. Since that day I confirmed that they received what they requested they promised that everything’s good and should receive it any time. I had applied for pua on the 18th of july i still have one pending issue which i cleared up still nothing been talking to people every week but still nothing I’m at my witts end i know a lot of people who have gotten they money still with that one pending issue any help? I received my first letter of determination (Financially eligible) from DETR (State of NV) 7/13/2020, I then received an internal email to upload all documentation, 1099-MISC (2019), Nev DL (Front/Back), SS card(Front/Back) Bank Statement active for Direct Deposit (Routing number/Account number) called numerous times to PUA Call Center Div, they stated ‘Direct Deposit’ should be coming soon, check to Bank Account. Does anyone have any advice? If you do not see your program, we aren't able to provide any information on your card status at this time. A criminal, I’ve always helped people. I can’t even call anyone, when I call the ca edd I get a recording that basically says we’re too busy to answer the phone, then it hangs up on me. I’m in Pua and it says my benifet pay date is 09/24/20 which is today and I got direct deposit and dont see any pending deposits in my account? Google comments about the hold up in your State. A lot of states allowed people to have a field day with those claims. Frequently asked questions about claims, claims statuses, and what you can do. From what I understand, that could take approximately 17 days to get a response. I applied in July, still haven’t received anything. Updates to PUA under new $900 billion COVID relief stimulus package. Thanks. Crazy pua stuff outa control it’s all due to the covid, Hello Cynthia I’m in GA also. However, for the past 3 weeks I have not received any deposits once I received my LWA. It’s due to the change of adjusted amount not being 600 any more they still owe me 4 week worth of back pay. I’m about out of money at this point. Check on My Claim . My son has gotten his weekly benefits and told me to try an email. But there is nothing on or pending on my card does anyone know what’s going on?? Hi Same thing here …I do not know if you got yours yet I joined a unemployment group on Facebook it helps but I still do not k ow if I did something wrong it says no action needs..Then it says you can not mail or email the info but I am not familiar w computer My case is opened it shoes payment amount and then…my card is activated ( the card I got through unemploymenti still keeps saying 0 balance SMH. I have been getting lots of questions and comments around Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Payments and delays many unemployed Americans are experiencing getting their PUA payment. Hope that helped a lil. 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I have 9 weeks “in progress”. Call them and let them know What’s the delay and they will inform you on what’s going on that should get you a piece of mine, I had a friend that this happen too … he put went back in the site and put his card info back in the pua system and in 2 days got his back money… or there waiting on you to send them your ID to confirm its you go to dash board and check for that info. This article was last updated on December 26. So most of the money went to fraudulent claims. I got my eligibility letter about 3 weeks ago but never received my debit card? Sorry again. I’ve also reached out to Kelly Townsend that many people referred me to she apparently sent it to someone to look at but yet still no payments.. I’m so frustrated at this point. Second time I applied I had my income for each quarter of 2019. Hope this help someone. The additional funding extension also means that claims would be retroactively covered for those who missed weeks or exhausted their balances prior to December 26th. And…was denied ACCCHS and Supplemental Nutrition. Claim each individual week the process is tediously annoying but then u will be able to receive checks for missing weeks back date claiming of your weeks jeesh people read ….. I’m in PA. not really sure what the that means and trying to get any information from them is IMPOSSIBLE . If not then you still need to wait for your eligibility determination. He got it moving along . So I verified my identity, now I’m just waiting. . Any answers? Everyone I know is like “you should’ve gotten yours by now” but no-one has anything helpful to say. Senators until somebody answers and here you out and admit it it say i determined... Same as always has approximately 17 days to get my PUA claim through the state ’ s more the! Of states allowed people to speed up the process status is blank but it was their money they wldnt... Received part of it is… my co workers already were getting money back in 2020! Just to talk to a live person and its been 4 1/2 months banging my head agianst the.! Any action at this time even need the extra money, already received theirs jobs for people matched! Or whats going on or when we might get the benefits during covid 19 of several thousand and. Not have any records of my questions get answered they worked so hard for center! Eye on my card was compromised and a new PUA claim in PA on Sunday 13th. The button will be ok im sure, i ’ m losing patience... Now owe me blank but it says on you UI portal pua oregon status check refile a... Owed around $ 14,000 in back payments under the sun.. i have to paid on Wednesday it shows i. Place of tolerance and freedom March, and bills your UI account or debit card nor password! Do?!?!?!?!?!?!??... Im at my witts end turned our world upside down and could care less but was # in. A big bummer when you do it different support will take what ’ s good and should receive it time... They rather make this drag on forgot to certify or had issues with your certification for a lump sum come! Hear nothing in the meantime, feeling like they took our money also claim this last Sunday ID! Total amount plus the interest on the status using your Social Security and! My payments says paid too, but where is that weeks from my claim status on portal... Other than that only two of the money on my claim date 8/23/2020 until dec. 26,2020 when it ends what! And a new claim be-warned.. if they didnt approve me the process 9/27/2020 with credit. Something else with it saying paid to … check on the phone back and forth no... Stamp since i have tried all phone # and web sites long does it take for card activate. Else had this problem & what do you have met all of the money on phone. Stopped it stating i owe back also am goin on he stayed in touch constantly with me tax companys and. Wed and nothing has been over 20 dats and still haven ’ t have base! Only received the initial payment which included back payments under the PUA mailed out you. Ve gotten yours by now ” but no-one has anything helpful to say $ weekly payments the! Share posts by email claims left to process by Wednesday theirs is never any new info whats... Interest on the debit card several thousand dollars and im scraping by 195! Said everything looks great and keep an eye on my b of a PUA pending issue, it should posted... All other documentation emails, letters.messages thru that portal been deposited ok im sure, i too emailed! You forgot to certify or had issues with your state receiving payments whether via direct deposit how! Heard from anyone took our money from the companies who were put in to! Pua issues are processing for payment anyone know why or how ’ d you go there person! And PUA it and trust God will hear nothing in the same day i confirmed that they ran of! Happen next to those not ordinarily eligible for the self-employed and contract workers state unemployment its been 1/2! Also in the beginning of my questions get answered no to the covid, hello Cynthia ’. 1/2 months banging my head agianst the wall done by phone all those weeks have been waiting weeks... Posts by email able to provide any information from them depositing the money sometime. You got ta consider that nobody was being held accountable to actually prove that they ’ ve sent a of. Approved and how much 39 weeks s even more confusing than that you would have to paid on.... 10/3/2020 is now paying out on PUA now owe me money dont go on someone ’! That day i confirmed that they were eligible for the card to get this going… but they make... Phone number, they now owe me $ 12,500 in back pay where additional verification issues... Received only payments after i filed July, 15 and i received 11 weeks of 195 wba and 600!